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whee, it's a drive-by post

I keep missing Parks and Recreation, which is back for its seventh and final season. I haven't seen any episodes yet. Oops. Anyone been watching? Is it worth seeing? Season six was uneven enough that part of this is probably just lack of interest on my part.

ABC series Galavant ended as it started: unevenly. Though I still enjoyed it immensely, and hope that they'll go ahead and do a second season at some point. Karen David as Princess Isabella was a delight, and I loved Sid. And the evil king (the first one, not the second one). And the landlocked pirates. Oh, and cook and his lady-love. :D

And... that'll do it for now. We had a work thing last night, so I have yet to watch Jane the Virgin, The Flash, and Sleepy Hollow for the week. (How did half of the shows I watch up on on the same night, anyway?)
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I felt similarly about season 6, but I have been watching season 7 and I'm utterly delighted. It has a weird premise that felt very odd and needed some adjusting to at first, but I'm loving it a lot now. And it's made some choices that assuaged some of the concerns I had at the end of last season. Vague non-spoilers! But I can spoil you if you want. :) It clearly knows exactly what people love about it, and it's earnestly giving all of it to us in a loving final lap.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also recently rewatched seasons 2 through 4 and rolled around in joyful delight, so it's a bit hard to separate my delight in the show as a whole from what might specifically be related to season 7. But I love everyone again, and so far I'm feeling the old 22 minutes of joy with every ep. Probably at least worth checking out!