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tv and sewing

Hi! *waves* Alternating between "Yeah, things are fine" and "Bleh, depression is the worst" lately. But I have done some TV-watching, so here's a quick update on that:

So Sleepy Hollow is almost done with its second season, and it was a lackluster middle. Recent events have finally changed that--Katrina got to do something interesting, and of her own free will. Granted, that was a thin thread on the plot leading her in that direction, but at least it was something. And as much as I like Denethor, John Noble's scenery chewing as Henry Parrish won't be missed. Not the actor's fault... definitely the writing. One more episode to go--I have no idea if Abby will be stuck in the past after the episode finishes or not, but fingers crossed that the writers don't mess this up. They don't exactly have my great confidence at this point, but I'm hopeful.

Jane the Virgin has kept its crown as one of the best shows on TV right now. At least in my opinion, which is what this whole blog is for, right? Anyway, Luisa is finally out of the psych ward, Rosa/Sin Rostro is presumably on the run, and now Luisa is going to join her? And Petra gets to show yet again that while she has terrible taste in men, you can't count her out. Ever.

I really want to see clips of Rogelio working on his new telenovela. What was it again, Pasiones Intergalactica? Something like that. Hee! So what's Jane doing right now in terms of jobs? Still writing for Rogelio's old show, or what exactly?

Person of Interest has fallen in the ranks. It's now a show I watch while multi-tasking. It hasn't fallen to the 'grading papers' category, but I've been browsing Tumblr or Facebook while watching the last two episodes. *sigh* Hard to believe that this is the same show that interested me enough to write a multi-chapter fic.

I accidentally gave up watching The Flash. Turns out I somehow recorded the not-HD versions of recent episodes, and so far I haven't cared quite enough to hunt those episodes online. Maybe I'll catch up this summer. I do like the actors playing the leads, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton. Mostly I like seeing them looking pretty and smiling, which I can do by looking at Tumblr while watching Person of Interest.

Still watching Elementary and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Other stuff! I like button-front blouses, but so many of them that have sleeves (I do like sleeves) have long sleeves, or worse, three-quarter sleeves. From Friday night until today, I've altered the sleeves of four shirts and one dress. They all have short sleeves now, with some variation to them.

Coming up next in the sewing department: I need to finish my little project for the kiddos I teach in Sunday School, and I need to try a different pattern for a blouse I want to make. Trial run garment first, because I don't want to waste my pretty pretty fabric. I already did one trial run garment (over Christmas break)... and it was a good thing, too, since that pattern didn't work for me. :(

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