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more tv than books this time

Author Maggie Stiefvater has a book series, The Raven Cycle (still incomplete), that starts with The Raven Boys. Apparently it's fairly popular; I had to wait to check out the digital copy from my library.

I like Stiefvater's prose more than some other recent YA novels, but it was hard to distinguish between two of the main characters' voices. So... I doubt I'll read more anytime soon. Maybe try something else by her where there aren't four teenage boys to recognize.

TV: Person of Interest has yet to be renewed or cancelled for a fifth season. And I'm left indifferent by this. I loved the episode with the Carter flashbacks/visitation; the next one (4.21) had me looking away from the screen a LOT, thanks to the torture scenes. Not what I want from PoI, thanks anyway. Control is a fantastic character, and I knew the woman she was interrogating was hiding information. Didn't make the scenes much more palatable, though.

Actually, I can say similar things about a lot of the guests in 4.21: Elias and Dominic are interesting, played by good actors... and I just don't care much about their storylines this season.

So for me, cancellation is not a "bring tissues" kind of event. Remember when this show was THE show for a while? The only show to inspire me to write a multi-chapter fic. (It's been over a year since I've posed any fanfic, by the way. PoI isn't THE show now, but neither is any other show, apparently.)

The Flash caught my attention again, and I caught up on recent episodes. Thank goodness Iris knows Barry is the Flash, because I was ready to throw stuff at the TV if she was kept in the dark any longer. I like Jesse L. Martin (he's PURTY), and I like Joe West, but the overprotective dad thing is not his most attractive side. And Barry went along with it FAR TOO WELL, lying to Iris multiple times.

But now she knows! *dance of joy* And now she's gonna be FURIOUS at the lies. And I can hardly wait.

Side note: fandom is behaving in its usual fashion about a black woman as a romantic lead. Iris West in the comics is white; on the show, she's played by the gorgeous and talented Candice Patton, who is black. The show producers actually warned her off of social media when she was cast, and for good reason. So if you delve into the show, just watch out where you get your fannish glee. It's a minefield at times.

Anyway! As someone who never got into comics as reading material, this show is a fun watch. Pretty people, and Barry "No Chill" Allen is a goofy and happy superhero, in spite of angsty (dead mother) backstory. Tom Cavanaugh as the ambiguous Dr. Harrison Wells is great. I love Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and robot boyfriend Eddie Thawne (he's not really a robot), and Barry and Iris...

Also caught up on Elementary, which currently deserves the secondary title of Friendship is Magic, or something of the sort. Alfredo! Detective Bell! CLYDE!!!

And just one episode until I'm caught up on Jane the Virgin again, so maybe I'll wait to post about it. I'll just say that it's living up to its telenovela roots.

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