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rose_griffes ([personal profile] rose_griffes) wrote2015-07-09 07:30 pm

not ouch? yay?

I had the least painful mammogram of my life earlier today. On a post-exam survey I rated it as 'moderate discomfort'. It was AMAZING.

When I told the techie that they were always painful for me, she put a thin (quarter inch) foamy pad on the plate. And she was just very good at her job, I guess. So I finally know what other women are talking about when they say that it's uncomfortable, but they don't talk about bursting into tears in the dressing room afterward. That's what I did two years ago.

So... mammogram number four or five is the first one that wasn't horribly painful. Here's to hoping for more like this in the future, rather than like the other ones.

What makes it more amazing is that I do, in fact, have a fluid-filled cyst in my right breast. (That's the one place where it did actually hurt. But not in an excruciating, catch-your-breath or pass out from pain sort of way.) The cyst is going to be aspirated tomorrow, by the way. And what inspired yet another mammogram, EVEN THOUGH WE ALL KNOW IT'S JUST A FLUID-FILLED CYST. Argh.

Anyway. That's done. Yay! And by tomorrow after the cyst will be gone. Until it grows back again in another two or three years. But as the techie said, if this is the worst thing my breasts do, that's not so bad.

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