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rose_griffes: (Default)
Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 08:31 pm
not again (my boobs are fired) )

On a less sob-filled note... Drop Dead Diva continues to be sweet and delightful. I've only watched six episodes so far, because other things have gotten in the way, but I do like it. The sixth episode started with a dream sequence with Tim Gunn, and the tone was just right.

Netflix also has a newer offering, Witnesses (Les Témoins). It's a French murder mystery, six episodes. It's... well. Thumbs up overall, but the first four episodes were definitely better than the last two. The woman in the lead was consistently interesting, and there was good forward momentum overall. But some of the concluding elements were just too implausible. Also, cell phones exist, and the last episode sort of forgets that. Heh.

Currently reading The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo. It's about Alex Dumas, father of Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Black Tulip and lots of others). It's very interesting, but long enough that I'm not burning through it at my usual speed. The prologues (TWO of them) are a bit too adoring in tone, but after that it's fine.
rose_griffes: (Default)
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 09:18 pm
I went for a walk around the neighborhood this evening at almost normal speed! Wooohoo! (I haven't mentioned it outside of friendslock before, but in mid-March I somehow did some damage to my piriformis muscle, which in turned made the sciatic nerve all... wonky. Fun times! For example, it hurt to sit, stand, lie down, walk, sing and cough.) Anyway, I took a walk! Around the neighborhood! Like a nearly normal person! As normal as I get, anyway. I'm still recovering--many chairs are just BAD right now, and there are other lingering effects--but it's soooo much better.

Thankfully [ profile] lls_mutant is organized and talented, and kept the [ profile] bsg_remix running smoothly even when I was mostly out of commission.

Speaking of that, 1) nobody has correctly guessed yet which story I wrote?! That's surprising. And 2) I should stop posting and go back to coding the list of who wrote what this time around.

No new Lost this week, alas. There goes one excuse not to do coding. Ooh, maybe 30 Rock has a new episode on Hulu!