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Friday, September 22nd, 2017 05:19 pm
Unlike my mother, I never had to slaughter chickens in my childhood. Or adulthood, for that matter. But her eyewitness account is that they do indeed run around after you cut off their heads. So there's a reason for that expression.

It's applicable to how I feel right now: running around in what feels like an increasingly incomprehensible mission, wondering if I'm missing something absolutely essential to this whole life process... probably I just need a nice nap and someone to clean that kitchen for me.

Anyway! Shows are coming back to TV. I finally gave up on This Is Us. I enjoyed all five episodes I watched from season one, and I adored seeing Sterling K. Brown onscreen, but I just didn't think about the show when I didn't take deliberate steps to watch it. Instead I whiled away my time with frivolities like The Good Place--and apparently that started last night, so I think I'll go watch 2.01 before I get completely spoiled by the internet for any/all juicy details.

Inspired by Mark Watches, I've been rewatching Person of Interest season one. This is partly in the hope that I'll feel inspired to complete one of those unfinished fanfics I have on the computer. No show since then has brought that level of fannish inspiration. I literally haven't finished a new fanfic on my own in, er, three and a half years? Which, not so coincidentally, is two months after the departure of a character from PoI, so... hence the hope that watching the parts from before that exit will inspire me.
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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 06:06 pm
title: Tomorrow Was Made for Some
fandom: Person of Interest
summary: Reese and Carter are unprepared to navigate the turbulence in their tentative relationship through a year of shocks and challenges. At critical moments, when things seem about to flame out, Fusco, Shaw, and Finch provide crucial assistance.
(shorter summary: mostly not-sappy pregnancy fic)

characters & pairings: Joss Carter/John Reese, Harold Finch, Lionel Fusco, Sameen Shaw, Taylor Carter, original characters
rating and contents: M
word count: around 38K

Note 1 [profile] blacktop50 did most of the heavy lifting on this co-written story.

Note 2: AU from just after 2X22

on AO3 (complete at 13 chapters) or on (will be updated regularly)

May post a link soon to my thoughts about collaborating on this story.
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Sunday, October 11th, 2015 09:16 pm
The students in my school district get two - TWO - days off this month that we (the faculty and staff) have to work. *cue the jealous grudge*

Anyway. Maybe I'll get some fanfic written tomorrow? I actually have an idea that's tickling my brain enough to make me write notes. Lacking a fandom that really says Love me! means no fanfic production of late. This started before Person of Interest killed off Carter, by the way. The transition from procedural to full-on sci fi show had me already losing that level of interest (heh, interest) that my brain apparently requires to produce fic on a semi-regular basis. Killing Carter rather cemented it, however.

(Depression may be a factor as well. But I wrote that multi-chapter fic with depression, so I'd guess it's not the biggest element in writing production or lack of it.)

Co-written PoI fic is pretty much finished, thanks to my co-author. I'll post a link once she starts putting chapters online. It really did end up being a hybrid story of what I like and what she likes, which is fascinating.

Er. Anyway. Last two Person of Interest related things:
1) we're doing a rewatch on Tumblr, which has reminded that I really did love that first season of the show. Grimorie chose a format that allows for actual comments on the posts, so you don't have to reblog to talk about the episodes. Like back in the day, yeah? I'd say I miss back in the day, but when it comes to PoI fandom, I really really don't.

2) There are spoilers out there for the upcoming season, which is being filmed right now. No air date yet (it's going to be a mid-season replacement). This teaser trailer from whatever con is going on now is silly and pretty spoiler-free. So enjoy.

Books: nothing of interest to report recently, though I have some recs that I intend to explore soon.
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Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 08:58 pm
Author Maggie Stiefvater has a book series, The Raven Cycle (still incomplete), that starts with The Raven Boys. Apparently it's fairly popular; I had to wait to check out the digital copy from my library.

I like Stiefvater's prose more than some other recent YA novels, but it was hard to distinguish between two of the main characters' voices. So... I doubt I'll read more anytime soon. Maybe try something else by her where there aren't four teenage boys to recognize.

TV: Person of Interest has yet to be renewed or cancelled for a fifth season. And I'm left indifferent by this. spoilers for 4.20 and 4.21 )

So for me, cancellation is not a "bring tissues" kind of event. Remember when this show was THE show for a while? The only show to inspire me to write a multi-chapter fic. (It's been over a year since I've posed any fanfic, by the way. PoI isn't THE show now, but neither is any other show, apparently.)

The Flash caught my attention again, and I caught up on recent episodes. Thank goodness spoilers for 1.20 and a warning )

Anyway! As someone who never got into comics as reading material, this show is a fun watch. Pretty people, and Barry "No Chill" Allen is a goofy and happy superhero, in spite of angsty (dead mother) backstory. Tom Cavanaugh as the ambiguous Dr. Harrison Wells is great. I love Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and robot boyfriend Eddie Thawne (he's not really a robot), and Barry and Iris...

Also caught up on Elementary, which currently deserves the secondary title of Friendship is Magic, or something of the sort. Alfredo! Detective Bell! CLYDE!!!

And just one episode until I'm caught up on Jane the Virgin again, so maybe I'll wait to post about it. I'll just say that it's living up to its telenovela roots.
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Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 06:00 pm
Hi! *waves* Alternating between "Yeah, things are fine" and "Bleh, depression is the worst" lately. But I have done some TV-watching, so here's a quick update on that:

Sleepy Hollow )

Jane the Virgin )

Person of Interest has fallen in the ranks. It's now a show I watch while multi-tasking. It hasn't fallen to the 'grading papers' category, but I've been browsing Tumblr or Facebook while watching the last two episodes. *sigh* Hard to believe that this is the same show that interested me enough to write a multi-chapter fic.

I accidentally gave up watching The Flash. Turns out I somehow recorded the not-HD versions of recent episodes, and so far I haven't cared quite enough to hunt those episodes online. Maybe I'll catch up this summer. I do like the actors playing the leads, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton. Mostly I like seeing them looking pretty and smiling, which I can do by looking at Tumblr while watching Person of Interest.

Still watching Elementary and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Other stuff! I like button-front blouses, but so many of them that have sleeves (I do like sleeves) have long sleeves, or worse, three-quarter sleeves. From Friday night until today, I've altered the sleeves of four shirts and one dress. They all have short sleeves now, with some variation to them.

Coming up next in the sewing department: I need to finish my little project for the kiddos I teach in Sunday School, and I need to try a different pattern for a blouse I want to make. Trial run garment first, because I don't want to waste my pretty pretty fabric. I already did one trial run garment (over Christmas break)... and it was a good thing, too, since that pattern didn't work for me. :(
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Thursday, January 8th, 2015 05:52 pm
I have not-LJ writing to do! But instead I'm here, at least for a brief moment.

So glad that the library system in my town is gradually acquiring more e-books. I have three books on hold right now, and when they're (finally) available, I'll get an e-mail and then download them, all from my comfy couch. It's pretty nifty. I'm currently reading the second book in Seanan McGuire's series with Tobey Daye. I'm wondering if my guesses about two things will be correct... still no guess on the actual murderer yet, but maybe soon?

Oh, hey, one of those books is As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride. It's by Cary Elwes, who played Westley. Eeee, can't wait to read this! If I liked audiobooks better, I would consider buying it in that format, since I've read that the voice impressions were really funny. But... I'm not really an audiobook person, unless it's a full BBC radio production with major actors and sound effects and so forth.

Time for TV now. So, Tuesday night's Person of Interest -- spoilers, obviously )

Currently I have a DVR in my home, and TV channels and everything. Giving it a trial run. Pros: big, pretty picture, and the ability to skip commercials. Also, no lag time on the video. Cons: I'm still not watching any more TV than before, and all of those shows are still available on the internet for free. So... dunno if it's gonna stay.
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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 08:46 pm
You might know of Sarah Vowell from her many different turns on (US) public radio. I first heard her talk about insomnia; she has an incredibly distinct voice, both in audio quality and in word choice.

Oh, and she also did the voice of Violet in The Incredibles.

Anyway, when I read anything she writes, I hear that voice in my mind. Unfamiliar Fishes is her take on Hawaii's messy history as it ties into the United States. It was an interesting read. I never used to read non-fiction, but lately it's been creeping into my reading diet.

More TV... I know! The first two episodes of The Flash were entertaining enough to keep me interested. So I'll watch it, when I remember to do so. The leading man has that kind of face where you think, "Eh, forgettable" and then you see the character in action. Charm can really alter perceptions of attractiveness.

Person of Interest: this week's guest star had a mustache, which is now American shorthand for a man whose entire life is a joke. The plot was accordingly ridiculous, but it fell on the good side of that line. And no Root this week, which meant I didn't spiral into an existential crisis about implausible character evolutions, so... that was good, I guess? (Short version: I found Root more credible and interesting as the Joker than as a messiah figure. So when the story spends a lot of time on that element, I get antsy.)

And now I'm supposed to grade papers. But I don't wanna. :(
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Sunday, September 28th, 2014 08:03 pm
Various TV shows are starting up again, some returning and some new. I watched the pilot episode of Gotham and decided that it was too grim and violent for me. Not to mention that the one shining light among the adult characters thought it was a brilliant idea to consult with a recently orphaned twelve-year-old about taking down crime in the city from the inside. Not a good plan, not-yet-Commissioner Gordon.

The pilot episode of How to Get Away With Murder also left me feeling that there was a lack of adults who are trying to, y'know, do any kind of good in the world. Morally ambiguous characters can be fun, but a whole show full of them? It's a bit much. Also, the idea that a law professor is letting her students muck around in a current murder trial where she's serving as the defense attorney just hurts me in the logic.

Both of these shows have some great filmography and fantastic actors and compelling plots, but that doesn't mean they're what I want to watch.

Black-ish isn't on my must-watch list yet--the pilot had some funny moments, but the humor didn't always work for me. I might give another episode a try in a week or two, to see how it's going once things are a bit more established.

As for returning shows, Sleepy Hollow started off with an episode that highlights everything good, bad, and implausible about it. I loved it almost unconditionally, complete with anachronistic Ben Franklin's kite experiment. (Franklin did, in fact, take "air baths", but the kite experiment happened a decade or two too early for our Ichabod Crane to be helping with them. No matter, though!) Still great: Crane and Mills and Mills. Still lacking a plot: vague spoiler )

Person of Interest was in transition mode to start its fourth season, so this episode had more to do with shifting the show's universe than anything else. It felt a bit slow for me at first, but the pace picked up by the end. As for spoilery stuff )

PoI is on my 'watch, but if this goes somewhere I don't like, it's gone' list. We'll always have AU fanfic, whether I'm watching the show or not.

And... hm. I think that's it? Oh, I've also watched four episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, an Australian show on Netflix, set in the 1920s. And I'm almost done with season two of Call the Midwife.
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Thursday, May 29th, 2014 10:55 pm
It's that time of year where I feel like I'm drowning in papers. Grading, forms to fill out, and so forth. This means that I've been watching a lot of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I didn't know that Jeff Goldblum had a stint on the show. I'm not sure how many episodes he made; guess I'll find out while looking at more papers. Presumably I'll also discover if Jeff Goldblum playing himself is going to annoy me enough to skip his episodes, or if having yet another jerk genius will do me in as well. That's part of why I liked Chris Noth as Det. Logan; he wasn't an unbearable yet brilliant cop, he was just persistent.

Mireille Enos guest-starred on an episode, and it was thoroughly disconcerting to see her with makeup and professionally styled hair. Not the look I'm used to seeing on her, since I recognized her from The Killing (US).

Anyway! I saw Divergent and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in May, both of which were enjoyable. I liked the superhero movie better, maybe because I'd already had my fill of post-war dystopian futures this year with Catching Fire.

I stuck with Person of Interest through the season finale. Season three was brutal for me as a fan: uneven plotting, death of a favorite character, lots of rough elements. I was ready to give it up, but then the last few minutes of the finale changed the setup into something I find almost impossible to resist: survival on the run. So now I have to check out the beginning of next season to see how the show producers deal with a theme that I normally love.

Very much looking forward to the end of school and summer vacation. Wheee, travels! Whee, free time! I have so much stuff I want to do!
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Monday, March 10th, 2014 06:19 pm
Oh, hi there. Still alive!

I just started trying to make my summer vacation plans more definite: I'm looking at ticket prices and places to stay. Best to do all of that now and get everything settled. Woohoo, summer!

Of course, there's close to three months of school left before any vacation traveling can start, but still... it's exciting to think about.

I finished reading Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. As a 'journey' book, I liked it, though I have very mixed feelings about the ultimate destination of the two main characters. But it was interesting and well-written.

Still watching Person of Interest, although that was touch-and-go for a while. The last episode that aired (3.16 "RAM", I believe) was the first one I genuinely enjoyed since the Terrible Thing happened. Also still watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has been very enjoyable so far during its freshman season. (And I'm still watching Elementary, although I'm behind on it. AGAIN. Somehow that keeps happening this season.)

Depression: trying a second medication, since the first one made no difference. Debating over other options, but waiting to see if the second medication helps first.
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Monday, January 13th, 2014 09:05 pm
Oops, I forgot to watch Sleepy Hollow tonight. I thought I'd try watching it live, since I'm at the point now where I watch everything online... ah well. Guess I'll catch it tomorrow. Online. Like all my other shows. (There really aren't that many. Parks and Recreation, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Person of Interest is still on the list right now, though it's on probation.)

Speaking of that, I wrote a fic! First one finished in months and months. It was a pinch-hit fic for a gift exchange--for which I didn't actually sign up, heh. I just filled in when someone else couldn't finish their assignment.

title: Meal Plan
characters: John Reese, Harold Finch, Lionel Fusco, Joss Carter, Leon Tao, Sameen Shaw
rating/contents: G or PG at most (mild language)
summary: Five times Reese provided a meal (to someone who didn't ask).
spoilers through early season three
word count: around 2800
Thanks to [ profile] sabaceanbabe for beta-reading.

On or on AO3
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Thursday, November 21st, 2013 07:21 pm
So I watched Person of Interest 3.09 "The Crossing" and had a plethora of feelings.

spoilers, obviously )

In other TV news: still watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine--I like comedies that don't make me hate humanity. Way behind on Elementary, which seems to happen now and then. I'll catch up next week. I decided to skip Parks and Recreations's recall vote episodes, because the whole "Bad things happen to Leslie" is NOT why I watch that show. Wake me up when that part is over? Sleepy Hollow continues to be ridiculous and awesome, though I haven't watched this week's episode yet (no spoilers, please!).
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Thursday, October 31st, 2013 07:11 pm
Happy Halloween!

The Fringe userpic is for Kirk Acevedo, aka Charlie, who made a guest appearance on Person of Interest 3.06. His hair was shaved, which was EVER SO DISTRESSING. The episode was good; not the same caliber as 3.05, but that's a high level of excitement to sustain. Weirdly enough, Acevedo's character was a bit of a weak link for me. I think they made him too sweet; he needed to be a bit more prickly.

Anyway, back to Halloween stuff. [ profile] cleolinda has amusing? creepy? Babysitting instructions.

And back here you can watch the best zombie movie I've ever watched. Okay, the only zombie movie I've ever watched. I don't like zombies, but this is only seven minutes long.
maybe have a tissue ready? )
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Sunday, October 13th, 2013 03:42 pm
Okay, all of those exciting Yuletide letters pulled me in, so I went to look at the list of available fandoms, and I found a dozen that I could probably write.

Oops. I didn't mean for that to happen. And I do, in fact, have enough ideas for requests in different fandoms to meet the minimum requirement for that, which leaves me wondering: YULETIDE YES OR NO? (Sign-up deadline is tomorrow. Wow, that's really early compared to previous years.)

Unrelated, since Person of Interest isn't available for Yuletide this year, but I watched a spoilery clip from an upcoming episode--the clip was screened at New York Comic Con--and now I am all agog and impatiently waiting for episode five. And we haven't even gotten episode four yet. It's all over Tumblr, so if you want to avoid rather than embrace the spoilery nature of the clip, stay away from the Person of Interest tag. And the Joss Carter tag. And anything else related, as well.

It's good to be excited about upcoming stuff, since spoilers for Person of Interest 3.03 )
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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 07:51 pm
Ack, I've already entered the "can't ever catch up on grading papers" zone! Nooooo! *sigh*

I was at the thrift store a few weeks ago--a place I visit regularly, because I like clothes and I like cheap and I like reusing stuff that still has some usefulness--and found a copy of Cassandra Clare's City of Bones. It was two dollars, so I bought it. I finished a week ago and I've already forgotten the names of most of the characters, and my smidge of interest in what happened next was completely extinguished by peeking at an online description of book two and realizing that I just didn't care about any of these characters. Not even enough to read a short and spoilery summary.

I started a book by Sophie Kinsella, Twenties Girl, and couldn't even make it past the first quarter without terminal disinterest.

Time to find a new book.

TV: I've watched the first three episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's a sitcom set in a police station, with an ensemble cast. Andre Braugher is the new precinct captain; he's always fun to watch. The element that concerns me the most is Andy Samberg, who's young and theoretically funny, and who hasn't been very interesting for me. In spite of that, I'm still enjoying it enough to watch when I have a moment. Not a ringing endorsement, I know, but I'm not much of a sitcom fan, so consider this a recommendation if you want a sitcom to watch.

Interesting link about TV and other media: I'm always sad, I guess, when people feel jilted by creative works that show age or have flaws. Good things burn through their periods of greatest creativity and go down blind alleys now and then, while less complex things often don't, for the same reason real plants die and plastic ones don't. You know what never lets me down? Judge Judy, because it's a plastic plant. It doesn't change, and it's nobody's baby. It's there to decorate and specifically to require no upkeep and no attention.

belated addition: Person of Interest has for season three. The show is clearly evolving, with two new cast members for this season and Carter's change in work status. That means it feels different, but that's not necessarily bad. non-spoilery thoughts for season three so far )
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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 08:43 pm
I finished season two of Scandal. Somewhere midway through the second season I started comparing Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant to Cathy and Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights; they're semi-tolerable facsimiles of humans on their own, but together they're toxic. The AV Club's profane review puts things into perspective really well: Characters in Scandal don’t have relationships so much as play two-person improv scenes based on interactions they have seen other, healthier humans have. Heh.

This show really didn't do what season one (which, as a mid-season replacement, was only seven episodes long) established. These people are not the good guys. They may not be the worst guys, but they're not in the right, they're not heroes, and when they "save the day" people get damaged. Ultimately, the season ends in a sudsy (non-literal), gory (literal) mess. It was weirdly compelling, but I don't know if the writers can compete with themselves for a third season. Will I watch just for the "what are they going to pull out of that hat now?" effect? Will I watch because Scott Foley has pretty eyes and I want to know if he makes it out alive from that underground cell? Will I watch to see how Olivia lies to herself in new ways to renew an affair with Fitz? I don't know.

And speaking of Fitz, NPR's Linda Holmes says that Fitz is the most dumpable man on television. Haha, so true.

I also watched the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow, which is just as ludicrous as Scandal, but with far more sympathetic characters. Scary only if you're really good at suspending your disbelief. Entertaining as long as you don't expect it to make any sense. I liked it enough that I'll go for episode three.

And lastly, Person of Interest comes back tonight for its third season, so... catch you later, I'm gonna go watch my show.
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Thursday, June 6th, 2013 06:38 am
[ profile] sabaceanbabe recently made this post with a list of what she viewed as her best works in fic-writing. It was interesting, the trends I spotted in her favorite stories that match trends in mine as well, such as lots of minor characters getting major roles in fic. That and not usually writing fandom's preferred pairing, whatever pair that may be. I was already inclined in that direction, but S'babe's stories were an influence in those earliest months.

So since I started off following her, I decided to make a similar post with stories I've written. some of my favorite fanfics back here )

Seven years of fic-writing summed up there. I still wish I wrote faster; stories that are started and done within two days are emphatically the exception.
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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 09:44 pm
I took a closer look at what Person of Interest stories have already been recced on [ profile] crack_van, so I can start planning what I want to post... and the only pairing recced there so far is Reese/Finch. There are some genfics there, but if it's a fic with a pairing, it's for Reese/Finch.

Well. Time to dig up some stories with pairs that haven't been recced. In other words, any other pair ever written for Person of Interest.