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rose_griffes ([personal profile] rose_griffes) wrote2016-02-29 08:54 pm

in which I type fast

I haven't finished the book I planned to read for Black History month: Ida: A Sword Among Lions. It's about Ida B. Wells, and if you don't know who she is, look her up now. I do intend to finish the book, but it's so grim, and it's still early days!

One thing I've done instead? Watch the eleven episodes of Superstore's first season. It's on NBC, and commercial-free in the 'on demand' section of the TV service I still haven't cancelled. Aie. Anyway, I didn't like it in the beginning, but I wanted background noise for while I was grading papers, and suddenly I was watching ALL of the episodes and they were fun. The season finale in particular worked really well with everything that came before it.

Agent Carter's treatment of Jason Wilkes continues to be a major frustration, but I'm still watching. Just two more hours left. I think they air tonight? Or maybe tomorrow night? I don't usually watch until later in the week.

And I'm back outta here. Later!